Giethoorn Boating

Welcome to Giethoorn Boating. The reservation site of boat rental and tour company Koppers on the Ds. T.O. Hylkemaweg 13 in Giethoorn. On our website you can book different types of whisper boats and a cruise through Giethoorn. A whisper boat is a rental boat equipped with an electric motor that is powered by a number of batteries; with which you can sail all day. On arrival you will receive a free sailing route map that will be explained by one of our employees. You will then receive sailing instructions and sailing through Giethoorn can begin. A sailing license is not required to rent a whisper boat.

Please note: only the electric sloops are available in the months of January and February. In addition, we want to have the sloops and tour boats back in at 4:00 p.m. getting dark early. The last possibility to rent a sloop is from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The last cruise is from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Our fleet 

Our fleet consists of 3 types of boats, namely: the electric sloop 1-8 persons, console boat 1-6 persons and the whisper boat 1-6 persons. Which boat you choose depends on the number of people, the way of steering (steering wheel or engine handle), the degree of comfort and your budget.

How to reserve a boat?

In our booking system you first choose the desired boat, then the number of hours, the date and the start and end time. Finally, you choose the number of boats and you can pay online. After payment you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. We also use a deposit of €50 per boat that you must pay in cash on location. Upon return, the deposit will be returned in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Principles for booking a boat

Our boats can be rented in time blocks of 2, 3, 4 and 6 hours (all day). In the weekends, on public holidays and in the months of July and August you can only book in the morning. You can then choose from the starting times 10 and 11 am. If you notice that no times are available in the afternoon on the above days, then this is correct. On other days you can book in the afternoon. Are the start times 10:00 and 11:00 no longer displayed or is the date in the calendar red or not clickable? Then the chosen type of boat i.c.m. the time block is not available.

Advantages of boat reservation Giethoorn

Photo inspiration boat reservation Giethoorn

Questions about booking a boat?

If you want more information about booking a boat, you can of course contact us. During office hours it is best to call Rob Koppers on +31 6 33 16 19 83 (10:00 – 18:00). We will then help you right away. Of course you can also contact us with any questions or problems while sailing in Giethoorn. We are always there for you, so feel free to ask your question!

Ushasri Pusuluri,

One of the best boat services in Geithoorn. The staff are so friendly and cooperative. Nice coffee served.

Ronen Mars,

Amazing experience, awesome trip and the price is amazing as well 🤩 The guided boat cruise cost us only 9 euro per person. The tour guide was really friendly and explained us everything, the weather was lovely and the views, ah, the views were so breathtaking, we enjoyed every second of the tour. Thank you for a wonderful experience, hope to visit you again in our next trip! 😫


I would have liked to steer my own boat but having hopped onto Koppers, i was glad i didn’t! Having the commentary from Captain Jack was humorous & engaging especially when there were only 6 passengers on the boat! The ride was lovely and the cost for March was reasonable for 2 under 20€!! Grab your seats!!

Celine Hatting,

This was such a fun experience! This boat tour was one of the cheapest advertised, and was offered in several different languages (and a free drink was included). The tour guide was welcoming, informative, and very funny. Sailing along the canals and hearing fun facts about the history of Giethoorn was an experience I'll always remember. I would definitely recommend it!