P1 center (green)

Parking in Giethoorn is free at P1 center (green) on the Ds. JJ Ketstraat. Then walk about 100 meters to the boat rental and tour company Koppers on the Ds. T.O. Hylkemaweg 13. Attention! On busy days, the car park fills up early. We therefore advise you to arrive early, so that you can park your car and make it a nice, long day!


Parking on busy days

With the ‘busy days’ mentioned above, we mean ‘days off with summer weather’, such as:

– Easter
– Pentecost
– Ascension Day
– July and August
– Weekends.

Signs and traffic controllers

The matrix signs in front of the car park entrance indicate whether there is space or not. In addition, the municipality deploys traffic controllers on busy days. However, don’t let this well-meaning traffic controller direct you away or divert you. Tell him or her that you have made a reservation at Koppers on Hylkemaweg.

After parking

After parking  your car or coach, you can report to our gift shop or to one of our employees. You will then receive a free sailing route map and you will receive an explanation of the various sailing routes. Finally, you will receive instructions on how to operate the electric motor and your boat trip can begin!

Ushasri Pusuluri,

One of the best boat services in Geithoorn. The staff are so friendly and cooperative. Nice coffee served.

Ronen Mars,

Amazing experience, awesome trip and the price is amazing as well 🤩 The guided boat cruise cost us only 9 euro per person. The tour guide was really friendly and explained us everything, the weather was lovely and the views, ah, the views were so breathtaking, we enjoyed every second of the tour. Thank you for a wonderful experience, hope to visit you again in our next trip! 😫

Celine Hatting,

This was such a fun experience! This boat tour was one of the cheapest advertised, and was offered in several different languages (and a free drink was included). The tour guide was welcoming, informative, and very funny. Sailing along the canals and hearing fun facts about the history of Giethoorn was an experience I'll always remember. I would definitely recommend it!